Dimitris Kapanidis


Dimitris is a software engineer, SQA evangelist, organizer of the docker meetup in BCN and founder of Harbur. He has been for a decade the ultimate responsible of the software quality of e-voting solutions with governments across all continents, a working environment that requires pristine-quality. Now he takes the next step to build a platform to ease the bootstrapping of dev infrastructure for developers and startups.

He loves automation, continuous delivery, and anything that boost the development-lifecycle and make developer's life easier. He also loves noodles.

Talk: Continuous Delivery of Node.js Apps with Docker from Scratch to Production

So you started with the MEAN stack your development, but how do you deploy to production and tackle the challenges of continuously deliver your application?

In this talk we'll explain how DEV and PRO are different in terms of needs and we'll use docker as a container engine to build an immutable environment for our MEAN app.

We'll see how to use continuous delivery pipeline to separate build, test and deploy phases. We'll talk about how to achieve the holy grail of continuous delivery: one-click deploys with zero downtime.

But still we need to prepare ourselves for the worst, when disaster come we need to have verified backups to restore the system in seconds.

We'll see all this in real-life example here at http://harbur.io/

Thank you!  

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