Luis Guerrero


Luis spent the last 5 years and a half developing Microsoft solutions at Plain Concepts, where he develops client and server apps. From 2013 he's Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Spain focused on Azure solutions. This include Microsoft’s stack but also third party and Open Source solutions. If you’re interested on the cloud ask him anything.

Talk: Unleashed the power of Node.js with the cloud

The cloud is a trend on the industry and Microsoft has a powerful cloud with Node.js support. Learn on this talk, how to create Node.js apps that integrate with Azure services like Azure Storage, Service Bus, ect. Then publish your app and set auto scale feature to automatically auto scale instances depending yours web site load.

When you find a bug, fix on the go by using the remote tools on Azure Web Sites that support npm too!

Also a sneak view of the state of the Open Source initiatives at Microsoft, and how Microsoft is actively collaborating with Open Source company, projects and individuals. Also you can sing up for a MSDN Subscription Ultimate where you can access to all Microsoft software and free Azure account with $150 each month. Ask the speaker.

Thank you!  

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