Tim Perry


Tim Perry is a technical lead and the open-source champion at Softwire, a bespoke software development company in North London, leading teams to build a wide variety of great software at every scale for our clients, and helping Softwire engage with and give back to the wider development community.

Outside work he's also a prolific open-source contributor to a huge selection of projects including JUnit, Ektorp, Knockout and Lodash, along with some of his own, such as loglevel and grunt-coveralls, and is feverishly enthusiastic about all things relating to automated testing, polyglot persistence, and good old-fashioned high-quality software development.

Talk: Microservices & Web Components Are The Same Thing

Microservices and web components are the next Next Big Step for modern software development, for the server and client side respectively. Although involving quite different new tools and techniques though, in reality both of these developments share a common development practices heritage, as extensions of the same forward trend of good software design principles. That might all sound mysterious, but by the end of this talk it'll be clear as day. We'll take a careful look at what on earth microservices and web components really are, examine how you'd build a full-stack JS application using them, and discuss why their shared principles make both concepts so powerful in practice, and how we can use that more generally to design great applications in future.

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