Valeri Karpov


Valeri Karpov has been developing web applications since putting up his first Pokemon message board at age 10. He studied data structures under Professor Robert Tarjan at Princeton and started his career working on trade execution platforms at a high frequency trading firm, but web development has been his lifelong passion.

Valeri is best known for coining the term 'MEAN stack', a Javascript-only combination of web development technologies. His writings on the MEAN stack are based on his work building out full-stack web applications for The Ascot Project and using these technologies. He currently works at MongoDB, where he's helping build out a massively parallel continuous integration platform. He blogs about nutrition, personal philosophy, web development, and other loosely related topics at

Workshop: Building a MEAN Stack Single Page App in 2 Hours

Learn how to quickly build and test a single page app using a JavaScript-only stack.

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